Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Oh my God, this sucks so bad!

This sucks.
And it sucks big time.

We are LYING to each other not to keep away from stories that are about to be written, but BECAUSE WE ACTUALLY WANT THEM with all our heart.

So we play that pretending game. That "No, I don't want that" when "that" is actually the one thing we want the most.

We lie. We lie.
And we lie some more.

We pretend.

We act.

We hide.

Yes. It's part of the game, but please believe me when I say it as I say this with all my heart: I hate IT!
I hate this game. I hate the guts of it. I hate it more than Hitler hates the Jews, more than I hate waxing and breakups and migrenes.

It's fake.
It has that stinky fake smell that comes out of a cheap pair of plastic slippers. It stinks like fake from afar and fake smells like bad taste.

It's bad taste.

It's cheap.

It sucks.

And morover, not only that it's a cheap fake, but it's not even remotely close to what the ORIGINAL is like.


And, for the first time in my life I refuse to find myself guilty for anything. No.

I am entitled to love and happiness as every living being in the world. I am entitled to respect, care and appreciation as every living being in the world. I have the right to be treated with affection and consideration as my deeds, thoughts and feelings are honest and pure and come out of a full heart and mind.

I have nothing to do with the lack of education, experience and consideration in a person whom I have mistaken for someone honest and capable to bring light and beauty in others lifes.

I refuse to hope in change.
Change won't come.
There is nothing that could be changed. The lack of basic pillars of human values cannot be changed.
There is nothing to be changed. The lack of morality and respect cannot be changed.

There are too many missing pillars. Too many empty spaces ready to be filled with whatever junk comes along. And junk will come as there is plenty among us and is wrapped in  bombastic titles, alluring an innocent mind with the promise of happiness, fame, money and success.

An innocent mind can be a terrible thing as it will believe anything, in the absemce of the basic pillars of human values, and even worse, it will dive in the arrogance of "all-knowing, all-true, self absorbed keeper of the truth".

Wise people know they don't know anything. Only a fool shall consider himself all-knowing of everything.

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