Thursday, 17 October 2013


”My mind is craving to spread her legs and get crazy-fucked by ideas and an attitude.”

Seduce my mind.
You've got all the time in the world.

The pressure of seducing my body doesn't exist. Not now. Not here.
Seduce every corner of my mind, every pristine path no one has walked yet. Unravel my dark spots, unravel my weak spots and my twisted ones. Go deeper and deeper, discover the map of my mind and put it over yours. See where it matches.

It's the only way to get to me, it's all we've got.

Nothing but our thoughts.

We might never touch, we might never see each other.
And so we know it's not the basic animal instinct we're playing with here. It's the mind.
Only the mind.

We're not counting on the senses.
Any body-related  strategy is left out. We won't become addicted to each other's body, we won't seduce each other with skilled moves and smooth touches.

Seduce my mind.

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